Project Oost- en West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

From Zomergem to Zeebrugge

Carrying wind energy from sea to shore

Van den Berg is helping to extend the existing 16 kilometre high-voltage grid to a route covering 47 kilometres in East and West Flanders, from Zomergem to Zeebrugge. The project crosses an area of 18 municipalities.

Reliable electricity supply

With imports from the Port of Zeebrugge growing by 3.5 percent, energy demand in Zeebrugge is expected to increase. Thanks to the Stevin project, Belgium and West Flanders, including the Port of Zeebrugge, are guaranteed a reliable supply of electricity.

Power of three nuclear plants

At 380 kV, it carries the highest voltage used in the Belgian electricity grid. The Stevin connection will have a capacity of 3000 megawatts, which is equal to the amount of electricity generated by three large nuclear power plants.

Cables under the canal

A tunnel is being created in Bruges under the Baudouin Canal. The tunnel will allow the new 380 kV underground cables to pass under the canal. Two tunnel shafts have been built along both sides of the canal with a diameter of 14 metres and a depth of 32 metres.

Agricultural land was chosen

It was decided to create a 16-metre wide trench to hide all the cables. That is why the route runs through agricultural land. The cables will be laid at a depth of 2 metres so that the land can still be farmed once installation is complete.

Looking after the environment

The technical installations will be designed to blend with the landscape. An embankment provides both a physical and a visual barrier between the “Strandwijk” coastal area and the high-voltage substation. A double avenue reinforces the earth wall and provides an imposing overall appearance.

Project details

Project name

From Zomergem to Zeebrugge

Area(s) of expertise

Horizontal Directional Drilling


Oost- en West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Building Period

2016 - 2017

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