Project Vaux sur Sure, Belgium

Horizontal directional drilling through rocky ground in Vaux-sur-Sûre

In April, Van den Berg’s Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) department carried out work at a site in Vaux-sur-Sûre, near Bastogne, as a subcontractor of TRTC Bonfond & Fils. Here a new fibre-optic connection was being installed for ELIA.

Outstanding installation

Van den Berg was responsible for the horizontal directional drilling of 6 boreholes through rocky ground, crossing the path of various watercourses – a task that was completed smoothly thanks to the “AT Borectec MT18 ROCKDRILL” drilling rig. This drilling rig can perform directional drilling in soft ground formations, but can also be converted to operate in harder ground with the help of specialist rock tooling.

No ground to hard

The company has taken the conscious decision to invest in drilling rigs of this type so that HDD can also be performed without difficulty in Wallonia. Due to the geography of this region, there is a greater likelihood of encountering hard ground formations here.


This type of drilling rig features the unique “rod-in-rod” system, where the drill rods are steered by the outermost rods. The mechanical drilling action at the drilling head is powered via the inner rods. That means progress can also be made during a steering operation, which is impossible if a standard drilling method (based on high-pressure injection of the drill flush) is employed.

Key partner

In addition to this kind of specialist equipment, a thorough study of the nature and composition of the ground, in combination with the specific design of the drill path to be followed, is essential. BESIX Van den Berg has the necessary equipment and can also handle these studies, making it the perfect partner for your future projects.

Project details

Project name

Horizontal directional drilling through rocky ground in Vaux-sur-Sûre

Area(s) of expertise

Horizontal Directional Drilling


Vaux sur Sure, Belgium


TRTC Bonfond & Fils, ELIA

Building Period

2019 - 2019

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