Project Beveren, Belgium

Kieldrecht Lock in Antwerp

Like a motorway with 19 lanes

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The Kieldrecht Lock is being built in the Waasland Port in Antwerp. With a length of 500 metres, this second lock will be as long as 28 buses parked bumper to bumper. Van den Berg is building an optical network for this extremely large Flemish infrastructure project. The arrival of the second lock will ensure optimal access to the dock complex of the Antwerp port.

Fibre-optic cables

Fibre optics, one of Van den Berg’s specialities, guarantee the fastest and most accurate cable connections. Information delivered via this fibre is sent quickly with the help of laser light. Because this light is switched on and off at very high speed, digital data can be transmitted quickly and accurately.

25 kilometres of fibre-optic micro cable

Van den Berg is placing fibre-optic micro cables in the already installed control pipes. Level with the lock, these pipes cross the lock complex at a depth of 30 metres. A total of 25 kilometres of fibre-optic micro cables have been blown and connected to realise all the optical connections.

OTDR measurement report

Van den Berg always produces an OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflector Meter) report on the spot. The purpose of this report is to measure a fibre-optic connection between an optical transmitter and receiver. This means that precision work is always delivered, proven by testing.


This sub-task as part of the project requires not just thorough expertise but also fast and accurate work. After all, operation via fibre optics establishes the physical connections between buildings and equipment and is essential for the ultimate performance of the project.

Extensive expertise

Van den Berg has also installed a number of optical networks for companies such as Elia, Fluxus, Electrabel, Telenet, Proximus and Infrabel, as well as various cities and municipalities, thanks to its deep specialisation in optical connections. 

Project details

Project name

Kieldrecht Lock in Antwerp

Area(s) of expertise

Fiber Optic Systems

Contract type



Beveren, Belgium


Van den Berg


Agidens/Flemish Community

Building Period

2015 - 2016

Total value

€ 300 000

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