Telenet XXL

Network for 2.5 million families

Over the next five years, Telenet will invest a total of EUR 500 million in expanding the cable network in Flanders into a giga-speed network. The data giant wants to be ready for a future with exponential growth in online traffic and network activity. Van den Berg is one of the four contractors selected to realise this conversion at various head-ends.

Digital impact

With its ‘De Grote Netwerf’ project, Telenet will ensure that the existing internet traffic continues to flow smoothly. It will expand the possibilities for online shopping, streaming and video on demand. For Telenet, these will be the most significant changes since 1996.

Organised network

Every crew consists of mechanics and network engineers, supported by a field coordinator and a back-office team. The work will involve replacing and, if necessary, modifying both active (amplifiers) and passive components (taps, splitters, equalisers) located on facades, on the ground or on poles.

Specialists in-house

For this project, Van den Berg is working with its own people. The mechanics have the knowledge required to replace the passive components. The network engineers have the appropriate certificates for installing and adjusting active components carefully.

More than 2.5 million domestic connections

The 48 head-ends will provide around 4,200 nodes within the Telenet network with the necessary TV and internet signals. Including the Integan and Infrax network areas, this means a total of 6,000 nodes in Flanders, enough for the domestic connections of more than 2.5 million families.

Planned maintenance window

The works have to be carried out within a strictly defined window of time. This will minimise the inconvenience for customers. Where interruptions occur, all customers will be back online in the afternoon and able to enjoy all their Telenet services – digital TV, telephony and the internet.

Project details

Project name

Telenet XXL

Area(s) of expertise

Low Voltage Outdoor

Contract type



, Belgium



Building Period

2015 - 2019

Total value

€ 4 million

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