Project Antwerpen, Belgium

Signalling system for Infrabel

Outdated technology modernised

This spring, Van den Berg began work on updating the signalling system for the entire railway network of the Port of Antwerp, from the new Block 19, level with Henri Fordlaan, to beyond the end of Tijsmanstunnel West.

Fibre optics

For this project, the best way to connect rail and signal boxes together is with fibre optics. Van den Berg is laying fibre-optic cables using open trenches on both sides of the railway network. Specialist Alstom cabins will read in the data in order to translate it into usable information from and to the signal boxes.

Doubly careful

Given the dangers of working by the track and the need for absolute perfection for this kind of project, Van den Berg is an ideal partner. Striving for 100% safety and continuity is absolutely vital here. For example, all optic-fibre cables are being installed twofold (providing redundancy) for extra backup. All personnel members involved on the site are also very alert and consistently help each other when crossing the tracks. Safety first!

United we're strong

A train cannot just stop running. With projects like this it is therefore extremely important for all the functionalities of the tracks and signal box to remain fully operational throughout the project. Infrabel and Van den Berg are pooling their resources in the best possible manner and are both fully guaranteeing continuity, even if this means additional effort or work on weekends.

Project details

Project name

Signalling system for Infrabel



Contract type



Antwerpen, Belgium


Van den Berg



Building Period

2017 - 2019

Total value

€ 14 million

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