Project Tervuren, Belgium

Installation of supply pipes in Tervuren

Expert in the installation of water pipes

Installing cables and pipelines is one of Van den Berg’s six main activities. Expertise in the field is considerable, and the reference projects are wide-ranging.
This summer, we are once again completing a successful project in this segment. We laid the supply pipes to the water towers in Tervuren for Tervuren-based De Watergroep. We opted for pipes with a diameter of a good 90 centimetres.
At the same time, we are responsible for dismantling the cobbles and installing new cycle paths.
A short-term integrated approach, one of Van den Berg’s pet subjects!

Project details

Project name

Installation of supply pipes in Tervuren

Area(s) of expertise

Cables & Ducts


Tervuren, Belgium


De Watergroep

Building Period

2018 - 2018

Total value

€ 400 000

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