Project Bruges, Belgium

FPS Justice data cabling

Innovative and ambitious

Van den Berg is the regular partner of the Federal Public Service (FPS) Justice for the installation of cabling in courts and penal institutions. This is a unique project in which Van den Berg will provide every prison cell with a data connection. A total of 8,900 cells across 30 prisons will be equipped with data cabling.

Fibre-optic cables

Fibre-optic connections will be used to transport the digital interactive data into the cell complex. Fibre-optic cables, one of Van den Berg’s specialities, guarantee the fastest and most flawless connection. Information delivered via this fibre is sent quickly with the help of laser light.


In Bruges, 520 cells will be equipped with all the cabinets and connections needed for a data connection between each of the 520 cells in one of the largest prisons in Belgium. A network of cables will be laid throughout the complex within a short period.

Radar from unit to unit

In each zone, the light signal will be converted into an electrical signal and UTP cables will be laid, one cable per cell. The cables will be given a unique number and will be connected to patch panels in the data cabinets. Finally, thanks to neat cabling, the cables will be neatly concealed.

More than 30 prisons

Following a successful pilot in Lantin, Bruges, Nivelles and Turnhout, the other prisons will also be equipped with cabling by Van den Berg. The connections will initially be used to control an IP phone.

Safe tools

This specific environment calls for an approach on a different level. While safety is a priority at all our sites, here it is the overriding focus. All materials will pass through a lock system which opens unilaterally.

Project details

Project name

FPS Justice data cabling

Area(s) of expertise

Low Voltage Indoor, Fiber Optic Systems

Contract type



Bruges, Belgium


Van den Berg


FPS Justice

Building Period

2016 - 2016

Total value

€ 4 million

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