Project Leuven, Belgium

Construction of Gasthuisberg high-voltage substation

Detailed planning crucial

The existing substation is being updated and expanded with a new outdoor station with one cable field and two new transformers, as well as a new GIS installation with three cable fields and two transformer fields. Both the existing medium-voltage cubicle and the relay room are being updated. And finally, Van den Berg will be responsible for dismantling the decommissioned installations.


Gasthuisberg is one of the ‘roll-out’ projects of Elia’s ‘go-for-zero’ operation. The company is seeking to reduce the number of safety incidents to zero in all investment and maintenance projects as well as during all in-house activities. One of the measures is thorough training for all site managers. Another initiative consists of organising a daily tour with all parties involved on the site, with a brief look at the work to be carried out and the possible risks.

Special location

The substation for this project has a distinctive location. The plan is to build on a slope, which means that everyone has to precisely take into account considerable height differences. A further challenge is the size of the site. Space is limited, so a detailed plan of the works and storage areas is crucial.

New and extensive expertise

High-voltage projects of this calibre are relatively new to Van den Berg, but the company has very concrete plans to specialise in them in the future. The difficulty and complexity of this type of assignment is a perfect match for the years of expertise and thorough professionalism which Van den Berg embodies.

Project details

Project name

Construction of Gasthuisberg high-voltage substation

Area(s) of expertise

High Voltage

Contract type



Leuven, Belgium


Van den Berg



Building Period

2016 - 2018

Total value

€ 1.8 million

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