Project Pellenberg, Belgium

Building a new transfer station for Elia in Pellenberg

The 70 kV high-voltage line between Tienen and Heverlee has reached the end of its service life and is being partly replaced by an underground cable link. Accordingly, Van den Berg is building a completely new substation which effects the transition between the lines and the cables.

Landscape and operational reliability

The high-voltage towers between Pellenberg and Tienen will be demolished in a later phase. This will have a positive impact on the landscape and on the operational reliability of the high-voltage grid as well because cables are less sensitive to weather conditions and other external factors.

Meshing the grid

In same project, a transformer is to be installed in addition in the Tienen substation, which will convert 150 kV down to 70 kV and thus compensate for the high-voltage line (which has been taken out of service). In Belgium we refer to this as ‘meshing the grid’. All high-voltage stations are interconnected. Another connection can be activated in the event of problems.

Strong player

Van den Berg is far from being a novice in this type of project. The company also played a crucial role in the complete refurbishment and expansion of the Gasthuisberg substation in Leuven. Furthermore, Gasthuisberg was one of the roll-out projects in Elia’s ‘go-for-zero’ project. Yet one more among the fields of expertise in which Van den Berg can profile itself as a strong player in the market!

Project details

Project name

Building a new transfer station for Elia in Pellenberg

Area(s) of expertise

Rail and High Voltage

Contract type



Pellenberg, Belgium



Building Period

2019 - 2019

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